Why a Trump president or even a Hillary Clinton presidency wouldn’t bring us World War 3

Yes I said it, a Trump presidency won’t bring about a ‘World War’ nor would a Hillary Clinton administration cause an apocalypse as predicted in many historical books of the past such as The Holy Bible & The Koran.

No it would be far to hard to act on that alone, a President Putin is much to smart and honorable to go to war over an elected president of the United States, as  both the Left & Right would have liked you to believe. We all know how both sides love to throw that lie around!  Although they have indeed tossed that scare tactic around and far too loosely if you ask me.

In fact they know that it would take a lot more than an elected Hillary or Trump to cause the Russians & alias to stand up and declare war against the war machine USA… No but they do know another way, it  just isn’t going as planned!

The only way the powers that be can go to war is if they provoke the war or wore instigate one. Tactics the Russian government has known about for decades…

Our own leaders are allowing attacks on their alias (terror attacks & genocides) hoping we can point to finger and hopefully get congress to agree to declare war! OR accuse our “enemies” and hope to God that they are provoked to strike us first. But good thing for you we have liberty champions who have joined congress and who are Libertarian, republican & democrat outcasts who are the not welcome at the cool kids table within their own party, because they actually have dignity and morals and got great intentions of serving the people.

These outcasts are the reason we won’t go to war on a full scale level! Even though they are totally on point with what the big bad wolf (Gov’t) is doing to it’s employer’s… You! Many of these worriors of liberty sadly get discredited and made to look like fools on national news by corporate news franchises such as MSNBC, CNN & Fox News!

So when you hear Hillary mention that Trump will get us into ‘WW3’ or that Hillary Clinton would be the last president of the united states, remember that your voice still matters and your vote does to regardless of who you vote for, do not get feared into making a decision.

Research every candidate whether its State Wide or Nation Wide, and start informing yourself and your family. Knowledge is power & these leaders and news corporations are withholding that knowledge.

Imagine a world where we have an election with Rand Paul as the RNC nominee and Bernie Sanders as the DNC nominee along with a Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson in the debates as well?

Amazing isn’t it???

So no we won’t go to World War that easy, especially not when our country is in an all time high ‘Anti War’ era. I sure hope you didn’t vote this year on the notion that one of the two candidates alone would cause third world war. You live in a country that has great defenders of liberty, so the less you speak up to your elected officials the more harder it will be to stay off the path of war & destruction.

Speak up and be heard, but fear not!



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